The categories:

Instrumental music

    Piano four hands
    Piano methods
    Harmonica - Accordeon
    Violin solo
    Violin and piano
    Viola and piano
    Bass and Piano
    Cello and Piano
    Chamber Music and Strings
    Flute Solo
    Flute and Piano
    Flute Methods
    Oboe Solo
    Oboe and Piano
    Oboe Methods
    Oboe d'amore
    English Horn and Piano
    Bassoon and Piano
    Clarinet Solo
    Clarinet and Piano
    A Clarinet and Piano
    Bass Clarinet and Piano
    Clarinet Methods
    Saxophone Solo
    Saxophone and Piano
    Saxophone Methods
    Trumpet and Piano
    Trumpet Methods
    Horn and Piano
    Trombone Solo
    Trombone and Piano
    Bass Trombone and Piano
    Trombone Methods
    Trombone Collection Thomas Matta
    Euphonium or Tuba Solo
    Euphonium Methods
    Euphonium or Tuba and Piano
    Bb Bass and Piano
    Woodwind Chamber Music
    Brass Chamber Music
    Percussion Ensemble
    Variable setting
    Clarinet Series Woodwindiana
    Clarinet Choir
    Cor de Basset
    4 Clarinets and 5 Clarinets and clarinet ensemble
    Sax Choir
    Brass Instruments
    Choeurs Divers
    Contrebasse Solo
    Woodwind ensemble
    Saxophone ensemble series
    Flûte à Bec
    Collection Borée - ensemble and Clarinet Choir

Band Music

    Light music
    Original work
    Classical transcriptions
    Military marches
    Batterie - Fanfare
    Folk songs
    Youth ensembles
    Funeral marches
    Religious works
    Procession marches
    Brass band
    Symphony orchestra
    Christmas music
    Solo with accompaniment
    Repertoire "Harmonia"
    Repertoire "Top Line Music" Big band
    Small Combo Dixieland, Beat-Combo
    Small ensemble
    Serie Evergreens for Band
    Serie Volksmusik
    BigBand Series
    Famous Marches

Les Editions du Nord - Harmonie - Fanfare

    Oeuvres originales
    Musique légère
    Solo avec accompagnement
    Musique Pop et Film
    Musique pour Noël
    Transcriptions classiques

CD et CD-R

    CD's Harmonie - Fanfare
    CD's Instrumenteaux - Ensembles
    CD-R - Big Band - Small Combo - PDF files

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