Composers: Sicoli Antonio

Antonio Sicoli was born in 1973 in Italy. He has graduated for trombone at the Conservatory of Music "S. Giacomantonio" in Cosenza, guided by M. Lino Lappano. He followed some profiency courses at the "Scuola di Musica di Fiesole" with Roger Bobo and Vinko Globokar and he studied with Michel Becquet, Joseph Alessi, Jacque Mauger, Rex Martin and Scott Hartmann. In May 2004 Antonio got hes degree in DAMS (Musicology) from the University of Calabria.

As first trombone he has performed with many famous orchestras. "RAI-Scarlatti" of Napoli, Internazionale d'Italia, Sinfonica di San Remo, I Virtuosi Italiani, and many others. Since Febraury 1997 he is the first trombone of the "ORT-Orchestra della Toscana" in Firenze.

Antonio Sicoli has won some international Competitions for Chamber Music, such as: "18th Concorso AMA Calabria" - Lamezia Terme (CZ) , "6th Concorso Citta di Ruvo di Puglia" (BA) - "V. Spadafora" - Venetico (ME)

He also effected many recordings and has toured in Europe, USA and Japan: "Carnegie Hall" in New York, "Sala Verdi" of Milan Conservatory, "Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space" and many others.

He was also a professor for trumpet and trombone in Firenze at the Conservatorio di Musica "Luigi Cherubini". Antonio Sicoli is also an active soloist in many chamber music ensembles and Lyric or Symphonic Orchestras.