Composers: Cardon Roland

Roland Cardon is a very well-known composer for wind band in Europe. He started in 1955 as flute soloist of the band of the "Chasseurs Ardennais" in Arlon, Belgium then became assistant conductor in Liège and returned to his first band as conductor. In 1971 he was appointed commander to the band of the Belgian Gendarmerie (National Police - second band in Belgium) and staid there until 1981. He was a flute teacher at several academies before he became principal at the Ostend Conservatory in 1981. He retired in 1994 and was then composing more then ever.

Roland Cardon "The Belgian Sousa" composed numerous marches and concert pieces for wind band and made an enormous contribution to the schoolrepertoire by writing many pieces for different solo instruments and various groups.

Sadly, Roland Cardon passed away on the 18th of August 2001.