Composers: Eeckeloot Xavier

Xavier Eeckeloot was born in October of 1975 in Dunkerque, France. He received his music education at the Music academy of Dunkerque where he studied clarinet for 10 years. At age 16 he joined the Orchestre D'Harmonie de Dunkerque, an award winning non-professional band in France, where heplayed bass clarinet. His musical travels took him to England, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Israel.

Xavier Eeckeloot currently resides in Strasbourg, France, where arranging and composing music is a passion, and has been writing arrangements and his own compositions for both woodwind and brass ensembles and concert band as well for several years. Not having grown up in a particulary musically oriented family, he sought out musical experiences and knowledge from other musicians, directors, composers and arrangers. He has recently been elected to the SACEM (French society of composers). His catalog is now available as well in France, Belgium, U.K., Canada and the USA.